Free Association, Starting with Black

A Tribute to my Brother Charlie Dad, Rog, and Charlie; then Mom, Palsy and me Black      white chalky      marbly butterscotch swirl      bowling ball the sound of a bowling alley      the sound of a powerful waterfall falling lacy waters      flying insects in the breeze deep blue sky of summer      deep lead clouds of summer wet and... Continue Reading →

Common Sense After My Brother Has Died

People believed we did not have common sense. We crawled through the chaparral over sharp rocks barefoot and in shorts. We stayed out exploring until we could not see where our fingernails ended and our fingers started. We asked too many questions and pushed ourselves in environments that were dangerous and mental realms that were... Continue Reading →

Marion’s Casserole

This story is not about Marion’s casserole, but that is where I have to start.  Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Partially brown a pound of ground beef, then pour off the grease. Scrape the ground beef into a lasagne pan, then pour in a few cups of elbow macaroni. Find the can opener and... Continue Reading →

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